Science bustle-2019

01 . 02 . 2019

New Year 2019 has started with a thunder at Chistiya International School, Bangalore. The students, staff and the entire team at our school are leaving no stone unturned to showcase their skills, talents and projects. Students engrossed themselves in highlighting their performance to everyone and conducted the annual ‘Science Bustle – 2019’ at the school on 17th January, 2019 with utmost excitement , pomp and fervour thus garnering positive feedback, appreciation and encouragement from parents, staff, teachers , school authorities and our respected Management . It was great to see students take their learning to a new level of interest.

The theme for this year’s Science Bustle was ‘Vintage Era’ and understanding the animal kingdom through ‘Live Animals’. Live Animals were brought inside the premises and our children were educated on the use and significance of each one of them. For explaining ‘Vintage Era’ we focused on explaining through projects and live examples of how the lifestyle used to be in olden times. From the food our ancestors ate to the way they lived to the equipments and tools they used, everything was explained through live projects. From classes Nursery- Grade 6 every student participated and made his/her presence felt at the exhibition.

All–in-the entire event was a huge success with plethora of ideas generated and all the parents and family members of our students walking in to visit the exhibition and encourage, motivate and cheer up their ward. There was an air of excitement, happiness and a sense of pride on every member of the Chistiya Family on their achievements and for making the Science Bustle a huge success. It was great to see students take their learning to a new level when exploring areas of interest.

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