Secondary School Curriculum

This section of the school curriculum covers 9th and 10th grades.

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Secondary School Curriculum

With the first eight years of the education focusing on the development of curious minds, our Secondary School Curriculum provides students a broad and balanced understanding of subjects including languages (Kannada/Hindi), Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Information Technology & Applications to enable them to communicate effectively, analyse information as well as make informed decisions that are in line with constitutional values which will ensure their ability move ahead towards being productive citizens.

Only a healthy child can learn effectively and good health leads to better learning. Many activities are necessary for development of the affective and psychomotor domain. Our curriculum includes activities such as Music, Art and Craft, Poetry, Dancing, Singing, Quizzing, Skating, Karate and Debating. 

These out of class activities would lead to the holistic development of the child as well as form a synchronization of emotional, social, moral, cultural and aesthetic aspects of the individual. A sense of competitiveness and enthusiasm would strengthen the meaning of curricular activities at school. Also, the fact that learning new skills can help children build their confidence, become more well-rounded people, and develop interests that could potentially lead them to careers they enjoy.

In order to assess the learning progress of students, our curriculum uses various methods such as collaborative or individual projects, and assessments that are relevant to particular learning outcomes. This would not only help the child in the upliftment of grades, but would also make the child to critically appreciate the concepts learnt 

Physical fitness is equally important for a child to have a stress-free academic journey. Outdoor Sports, Self-defence training and related activities would help a child to not only build his personality but to also shape his organizational and leadership skills.