23 . 09 . 2021

The traditional sport of the Chinese nation-martial arts, has important significance and value. It can not be ignored during the primary and secondary school teaching process. As one of the traditional Chinese culture, martial arts has a long history, is set to strengthen the body, entertainment, physical fitness in one of the main fitness activities. WUSHU plays an irreplaceable role in the inheritance of national culture, the improvement of democratic spirit and the strengthening of national position in the world. As early as the early 19th century, WUSHU was introduced into schools by people of insight, and gradually became an indispensable part of school sports. Taking “health first” as the guiding ideology, “Physical Education and Health Teaching Program” stipulates the teaching contents for students to learn WUSHU at various stages. The middle school students take the WUSHU basic skill. The art mainly focuses on martial arts routines, developing students’ competitive sports ability, strengthening students’ physical health, strengthening students’ ability to jump, spin and strength, etc. so as to promote the overall improvement of students’ physical quality. View Gallery

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