Primary Curriculum

Our primary curriculum covers grade 1-5

International Preschool in Bangalore

Primary Curriculum

The primary curriculum of ours is child centric. It helps to develop child’s potential and encourage a love towards learning. Our primary level education is embedded with values that cater the different needs of individual children.

The curriculum includes subjects like English, Kannada, Hindi, Math, Science and SST. The assessment in primary school is to check the child’s learning progress across the curriculum. The teacher uses different tools and techniques to gather evidence about the learning progress on an ongoing basis.

Co-curricular activities like music, dance, skating, abacus, art & craft, karate, aerobics, spell test, competitions, debates and drama sessions offer moral, spiritual, emotional, aesthetic, social and physical values to the students.

Throwing a light to the quote a strong mind in a strong body we give importance to our physical fitness through sports. We introduce different sports activities during primary education. This helps them to be self disciplined and confident individuals.