Middle School Curriculum

This section of the school curriculum covers 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

International Preschool in Bangalore

Middle School Curriculum

In the middle school years, our curriculum focuses on helping students to become independent learners. We emphasize on the development of curious scientific mind with intellectual thought process.

In grades 6-8 we help our students to deepen their knowledge and skills in subjects like English, Kannada, Hindi, Math, Science and SST. We lead them to the competitive world through a strong foundation of General knowledge with current affairs.

Our curriculum framework helps students to be interested and engaged with academics and co-curricular activities. The projects given are capable to apply learning to the real world, inculcate interest in subjects and learn the concepts in a meaningful way. The assessments are done where they can use their learning to demonstrate mastery of each concept.

Physical fitness is considered equally important to mental fitness. At CIS, we stress on physical education and encourage children to pick up multiple sports. These activities provide a platform for a child to acquire leadership skills and help to shape their character.

Co-curricular activities are also imbibed in our curriculum which includes music, dance, yoga, abacus, art & craft, skating, karate, aerobics, school sports teams, clubs like math, science, literacy and heritage, spell test, competitions, debates and drama sessions. All these activities offer supplementary and complementary instruction and education for our students.

The strong link between our scholastic and co-scholastic activities help children to build their confidence, self esteem and to develop time management and organizational skills.