Middle School Curriculum

This section of the school curriculum covers the 6th and 7th grade of CBSE affiliated Schools in Bangalore.

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Middle School Curriculum:

When a child reaches middle school, our CBSE international curriculum syllabus is directed towards encouraging an intellectual thought process and developing a curious mind. Our syllabus is designed to help children advance academically and personally. Classes in English, Kannada/Hindi, Math, Science, Environmental studies, Social studies and General knowledge give the students a strong foundation for the classes ahead. A narrative learning style is adopted to help children co-relate characters and events in books to real life events. In addition to scholastic learning, our students are encouraged to take up co-curricular activities to widen their creative horizons and recognize their talents. This includes music, dance, abacus, arts and craft, computers and karate. These activities also provide a platform for a child to acquire leadership skills and help shape their character. For this, we have a number of clubs operational within the school.

Physical fitness is considered equally important to mental fitness. At CIS, we stress on physical education and encourage children to pick up multiple sports. Children are expected to take an active part in both individual sports and team sports. This is an integral part of building life skills.