Science Bustle 2020 at Chistiya International School

06 . 02 . 2020

25th January 2020 was a memorable day for the entire community of students and staff of Chistiya school. On a vibrant Saturday morning, our students, parents, and teachers were all gathered for the annual Science Bustle for the academic year 2019-20. It was a day of great enthusiasm and pride for our ‘little’ scientists @ Chistiya!

The learning process in a human life starts right at birth and never ends as long as we are alive. Early attempts to ride a bicycle is a learning. On the other hand, memorizing multiplication tables is also learning. The third dimension is of conceptual understanding. Classroom teaching takes care of conceptual learning in a manner which students can understand. Lab sessions help them relate to the concepts better with live demonstrations.

However, for students to truly discover the joy of science, they need to put their knowledge into practice. Just like the experiential learning of bicycle riding. Every year the Science Bustle @ Chistiya gives the students such an opportunity.

At the event, children are encouraged to choose real problems from the world around us. They have to perform and demonstrate a working solution. Plastic was mainly used to create working and demo models. This also helped to emphasize the point of reduction and reuse of plastic in everyday life. Problems in the areas of global warming, pollution, energy sources, modes of communication, electricity and hydraulic power were covered.

The life cycle of a plant depicted by our pre-primary students was warmly applauded; it was an added jewel to the show.

Such live activities bring out the scientific temper in our young minds. We are sowing seeds for the future of the world. These young minds will then go on to make important scientific discoveries for the benefit of our people and nation. The idea behind such exhibitions and seminars is to make scientific learning a lovable and inspiring experience.

The mind of a child works faster than jet planes. In order to unlock the potential of these fast minds, hands-on activity is a great method. This was greatly visible during the event. The curiosity level, the enthusiasm to learn and dissect knowledge during these activities created a great, lively atmosphere.

We thank all our little scientists for coming up with great ideas and working on them. We also thank the parents for their active support and encouragement. A warm round of appreciation to our teachers and support staff for making the event a memorable one. A great start to the new year ahead!



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