Father’s Day Celebration 2021

22 . 06 . 2021

Father’s Day is celebrated globally to eternalize the paternal bond of a father and a child. Every year, on the third Sunday of June we commemorate Father’s Day. The importance of this day is to honour the unsung, unpraised, and unnoticed pillar of our families who burn the midnight oil, just to let us have a peaceful sleep. A father binds the entire family together with utmost love and care no matter how heavy his shoulders are.

As it is wisely said by George Herbert, “One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters”, it is revealed that fathers are extremely important in a child’s life and need to be present in all ways.

The tiny tots and blooming buds of our school have appreciated and expressed their gratitude to their “Kings” with some small tokens of love. From Nursery to Grade 9 the students were engaged in making handmade paper bouquets for their heroes and showed their petals of love. The essence of their bouquet moved on to another activity named ‘COOKING WITHOUT FIRE’, where the students along with their dads were asked to prepare delicacies without the use of fire. Dishes such as sandwich, fruit custard, fruit salad, mango juice, train salad, mug cake, etc took the centre of the platter. This activity not only helped children to learn about the variety of dishes made without fire, but also enriched the bond between a father and his child. It also healed and soothed the mind of those heads who work hard immensely just to uplift their families. God bless these pillars with more power and strength. View Gallery

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