Vision And Mission


Our Vision is to see every student at CIS grow beyond his/her capabilities and dreams. To foster a culture of learning and growth for every child that will make them to outshine in the society and world as international leaders, innovators and key decision makers. To engrave in them moral values and ethics that will make his/her responsible citizens and respect the culture and heritage of our nation.


To educate, empower and build students into becoming key leaders who will build a better society, intentionally innovate new ideas and strategies that will result in influencing changes in the society and world at all levels.

Core Values at CIS.

At CIS the educational model and culture offers every child and student the values and ethics that they can learn and imbibe through interaction and facilitation provided by the teachers and management. We work towards building individuals who will exhibit strong character, leadership and resiliency and stay grounded. We offer a culture that makes them believe that “sky is the only limit” and at the same time being sensitive towards the needs of others before oneself. We also encourage parents to partner with the efforts of the school and offer a culture and environment at home for their children that will help them learn values, ethics and knowledge keeping them in good stead for years to come.

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