Chistiya was envisioned as a revolutionary academic institution that took the best teaching methodology of India, merged with the best global practices to solve the problems faced by today’s society. It was established by Nalina Satheesha Educational and Charitable Trust in 2012 in Gunjur. With the overwhelming response in a few years, Chistiya International School, which offered the CBSE syllabus, was started in 2014.

Partnered with Samsidh Group : SAMSIDH Group is the brain child of a group of social entrepreneurs. Mr. Vasa Srinivasa Rao heads the SAMSIDH Group as its chairman.

SAMSIDH GROUP is committed to make a difference in every child's life. Samsidh Group is committed

  • Nurturing each student’s potential
  • Academic excellence
  • Assisting students to exercise empathy and compassion to become responsible global citizens.

Samsidh group manages 4 schools in Bangalore with 3000+ students


The key to a studentís growth is holistic learning and development of their skills. At CIS, we are committed to nurturing and grooming the student holistically through educational models that equip them in a practical, social and theoretical manner. We hone their skills and help them discover their potential through methods of teaching that are relevant to their needs.


At CIS the educational model, culture and interaction with teachers and management aims at imparting to every student solid values and honourable ethics. We work towards building individuals who will exhibit strong character, leadership, resiliency and stay grounded. We offer a culture that makes them believe that ìsky is the only limitî and at the same time being sensitive towards the needs of others before oneself. We also encourage parents to partner with the efforts of the school and offer a culture and environment at home for their children that will help them imbibe values, ethics and knowledge, keeping them in good stead for years to come.


Our Vision is to see every student at CIS grow beyond his/her capabilities and dreams. To foster a culture of learning and growth for children that will make them outshine in society and the world as international leaders, innovators and key decision makers. To engrave in them the moral values and ethics that will make them responsible citizens and respect the culture and heritage of our nation.


To educate, empower and build students into becoming key leaders who will build a better society, intentionally innovate new ideas and strategies that will result in influencing changes in society and the world at all levels.

Chairman, CIS

It all started with a dream to open an educational institution for the welfare of society, immense determination and a strong belief that a person should always learn from their successes and failures. Successes motivating one to keep doing whatís right again and failures teaching one to learn from mistakes made. Today, Samsidh Chistiya International School Bangalore is the dream child of Mrs. Nalini Satish. She is a hard working passionate woman with a vision of building tomorrowís society by inculcating values in todayís children. She has taken on the responsibility of Chairperson of Samsidh Chistiya International School and aims at moulding children to be successful in following their interests.

The journey of building a school has not been an easy task, it has taken loads of dedication, devotion and determination. She is looking forward to provide the best, which includes well qualified teachers, safe, healthy and supportive learning environments, good infrastructure and training in extracurricular activities which would enable the students to learn, grow and reach great heights.

Director, CIS

Mr. Satish Reddy is simple, hardworking and the Founder and Director of Samsidh Chistiya International School, Bangalore. It was his dream to establish an educational institution which would help in educating children to be successful in todayís competitive world and face the many challenges it poses. His simplicity is the inspiration for members of the school, while his hard work and strong commitment to everything he undertakes has gone a long way to making the school and landmark educational institution in Gunjur. He is a pillar of the institution with a vision of creating a better tomorrow for society and the poor.

Samsidh Group :

Mr. Vasa Srinivasa Rao
Chairman, SAMSIDH Group

Mr. Vasa Srinivasa Rao heads the SAMSIDH Group as its chairman. An engineering graduate from Osmania University with 22 years of experience in Public sector, MNC and IT, Mr. Vasa entered into the field of education in order to prepare the children to become 21-century leaders

Mrs Veni .R
Head of Education at Samsidh Group

Mrs Veni .R is the Head of Education at Samsidh Group

Samsidh Chistiya has taken the best of both Indian and global disciplines and sports and combined them to offer a unique curriculum. We aim to create students schooled in the best that India has to offer, but ready to play their role on the global stage.


The Kindergarten curriculum facilitates and guides the child in sharpening his/her mental and physical abilities. Our teachers nurture their learning, speaking, writing and listening skills and interact with each child, having interactive conversations on topics relevant for growth and development. Overall we adopt both modern and traditional methods of teaching to ensure that the child receives quality education.


This curriculum is individualized to fit each child’s specific needs of development. Through play-way, basic concepts are taught and the child grows to grasp everything in a fun and creative way. This also helps them in developing many social and cognitive skills. It provides a happy school environment, integration of all disciplines & practical learning which helps in increasing the self-confidence and maturity of the child both emotionally and socially.


The CBSE curriculum at CIS helps students gain knowledge and learn not only from books and lectures but also through real life outside the school. Creative and modern methods make learning and development more effective, even examinations are more flexible and integrated into classroom life. This helps in nurturing the identity of the student and makes him/her a strong thinker and specialist in the area of his knowledge and profession.

Our curriculum includes:

  • Narrative Learning that awakens characters from pages in books to concepts in real life
  • Arts & Craft
  • Music & Dance
  • Chess & Drama
  • Karate
  • Yoga
  • Informative Exercise
  • Activity-Based Learning
  • Bharatnatyam & Western Dance
  • Tabla & Drums
  • Yoga & Aerobics
  • Kabbadi & Basketball
  • Football & Hockey
  • Vedic Maths & Abacus
  • Clay Modelling & Robotics

Bright classrooms make bright students

Well designed classrooms make students want to stay in school. From the basics like good lighting, ventilation to the latest technology in teaching aids, and even the furniture and hardware, every aspect has been taken care of thoughtfully. After all, when students spend most of their day in the classroom, shouldn’t it be the best room possible?



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