• CBSE Affiliation Number : 830947


Chistiya International School (CIS) was envisioned as a revolutionary academic institution that took the best teaching methodology of India, merged with the best global practices to solve the problems faced by today's society. The institution was established by Nalina Satheesha Educational and Charitable Trust in 2012 in Gunjur and follows CBSE curriculum

  • Co-educational CBSE School located in Bangalore and accessible from any part of the city
  • Abacus integrated with regular syllabus to help children develop faster problem solving abilities.
  • Differentiated learning - Syllabus and the lessons are planned according to how each individual students learn
  • 100% individual student attention
  • Qualified and competent Faculty with training & experience from reputed national and international schools in India and from abroad
  • Classrooms that are well ventilated equipped with the latest in teaching aids & technology
  • Well-equipped Science & Computer labs with Audio Visual room & Library
  • Excellent infrastructure that is spacious & well aerated and a conducive atmosphere ideal of teaching and learning
  • Facilities of indoor & outdoor games. We conduct district level karate competitions, Abacus competition & Spell Bees
  • Transport facility with GPS tracking and manned 24X7 Security at school premises.

CIS has taken best of both Indian and Global disciplines and sports and combined them to offer a unique curriculum. We aim to create students schooled in the best that India has to offer, but ready to play their role on the global stage.



The CBSE curriculum at CIS helps students gain knowledge and learn not only from books and lectures but also through real life outside the school.

Early Years

The Early Years curriculum covers Nursery, PP1, and PP2 grades.

  • We have a student-teacher ratio of 10:1 per class where each class has 20 students and 2 teachers.
  • At CIS we make our classes interesting for young minds by integrating play way and the kindergarten method of teaching. Our curriculum includes subjects like English, Maths, GK, Hindi/ Kannada.
  • Co-curricular activities like puppetry, art & craft, Yoga, Music, dance, skating, abacus caters to lay the foundation for lifelong learning and serves as a starting point of formal education.
  • Our Color day celebration themes build an aesthetic value to the students.
  • Our Early Years curriculum focuses on teaching students basic motor skills, how to express themselves and communicate with others. Our Early Years teachers take up the roles of a facilitator; motivator and supporter to help children learn and grow.

Primary Curriculum

Our Primary Curriculum covers grade 1-5

  • The curriculum includes subjects like English, Kannada, Hindi, Maths, Science and SST.
  • Our primary level education is embedded with values that cater the different needs of the individual children.
  • The primary curriculum helps to develop a child's potential and encourage a love towards learning and we assess child's learning progress across the curriculum.
  • The teacher uses different tools and techniques to gather evidence about the learning progress on an ongoing basis.
  • Throwing light to the quote a strong mind in a strong body we give importance to our physical fitness through sports.
  • We introduce different sports activities during primary education. This helps them to be self-disciplined and confident individuals.

Middle School Curriculum

Our Middle School curriculum covers grade 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

  • In grades 6-8 we help our students to deepen their knowledge and skills in subjects like English, Kannada, Hindi, Maths, Science, and SST.
  • We emphasize the development of curious scientific mind with an intellectual thought process.
  • The projects given are capable to apply learning to the real world, inculcate interest in subjects and learn the concepts in a meaningful way.
  • Physical fitness is considered equally important to mental fitness, and we encourage children to pick up multiple sports.
  • Our curriculum framework helps students to be interested and engaged with academics and co-curricular activities.
  • The strong link between our scholastic and co-scholastic activities help children to build their confidence, self-esteem and to develop time management and organizational skills.

Badminton Tournament: 2nd Prize

District Level Wushu Championship: 1st & 2nd Prize




' Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man '
- Rabindranath Tagore.



  • Ventilated & well designed classrooms
  • Well stocked library
  • Computer Lab with 50+ computers
  • Physics, Chemistry & Biology Labs
  • Sports ground for conducting sports events


  • Sports
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Table Tennis
  • Track Events


  • CCTV Cameras
  • Security Guards on Duty 24/7


  • Drivers and cleaners are hired after background checks by the police
  • GPS tracking
  • SMS notifications for pickup, drop and delays
  • Equipped with fire extinguishers and first aid
  • Equipped with safety grills




Open for Academic year 2020-2021. Pay online and download the application form.


  • Nursery - 2.6 yrs - 3.6 yrs
  • PP1 - 3.6 yrs - 4.6 yrs
  • PP2 - 4.6 yrs - 5.6 yrs
  • Grade I - 5.6 yrs - 6.6 yrs
  • Grade II - 6.6 yrs - 7.6 yrs
  • Grade III - 7.6 yrs - 8.6 yrs
  • Grade IV - 8.6 yrs - 9.6 yrs
  • Grade V - 9.6 yrs - 10.6 yrs
  • Grade VI - 10.6 yrs - 11.6 yrs
  • Grade VII - 11.6 yrs - 12.6 yrs
  • Grade VIII - 12.6 yrs - 13.6 yrs

We have zero week system for the students who come from other educational boards. During the zero week the students will be assessed to identify the skills and knowledge in different subjects. Based on the findings we work out various strategies to cater the gap between the other educational board and the CBSE curriculum. We also emphasize on the importance, objectives and area of focus of CBSE curriculum to the new students.

CIS provides an academic environment which treats each child as a unique individual and develops them to their maximum potential, which makes us count among the Best International Schools in Bangalore.

Yes, we have debating, reading clubs, group discussions on current, local, national and international issues. Besides, we also have regular inter house competitions such as Quiz, elocutions, Debating, group discussions, painting, collage making, creative writing et al.

Students learning abilities are tested and identified through oral and written assessments. Based on the findings remedial / special classes are arranged to help those who struggle in various subjects.

CIS follows the CBSE Curriculum(CBSE Affiliation Number : 830947).

  • The class strength is fair enough to give attention to individual child in the class, it depends on which section the child is registered
  • Pre-Primary - 20 students with 2 teachers
  • Primary - 25 students with one teacher.
  • Middle School - 25 students with one teacher.
  • Art and Craft, Music, dance and drama, chess, Vedic math's, clay modelling, karate, yoga, aerobics, kabaddi, basketball, football, skating . No, the school does not charge any extra fee for all these extracurricular activities .All these are included in the total fee.