13 . 03 . 2020

Chistiya has successfully celebrated Chistiyotsav on 20th February,2020.
The pomp and grandeur adorned our annual day celebrations for the academic year 2019-2020 on its full swing. Chistiya always keep its wings grounded and rooted to its traditions and this time too, there was no exception. Along with many Indo-Western fusion dance forms , Dollo Kunitha was like a rare pearl on the crown. Dollo Kunitha is Karnataka’s one of the most exquisite and ancient folk dance forms .It is not only a major dance form but a depiction of deep-rooted tradition and culture. Chistiya has beautifully upholded this tradition in Chistiyotsav. No wonder the energetic drum beats of Dollo Kunitha made its perpetual mark on the audience. Chistiya and talent both goes hand in hand and our gems (students) have once again proved it. View Gallery



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