The Founder and Director of Chistiya International School, Bangalore is Mr. Satish Reddy, who is a simple and hard-working person. It was his dream to establish an educational institution which would help in educating the children to be successful in today’s competitive world and face the many challenges it poses by providing them with best education. His dream and goals of the institution were fulfilled in a very short period of time along with a good infrastructure making it the new landmark in Gunjur, Bangalore. The members of the school draw their inspiration from his simplicity. The secret behind his success is his hard work and strong commitment towards everything that he does. He is the pillar of the institution with a vision of creating a better tomorrow for the society and the poor. Members of Chistiya International School admire his character and support him with his vision. He is a man of action and the institution is a proof of it as he has fulfilled the dream of his Wife, Smt. Nalina Satish Reddy(Chairman CIS), by constructing the remarkable institute in Gunjur. This also shows his selflessness and dedication towards his family and towards building a better society.

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