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Chistiya International school guarantees and assures every parent that their children are in safe hands. When we say safety, we mean that we provide a safe environment in terms of education, emotion, physical activities, health and extracurricular activities. When it comes to education, we pledge that we are among the best schools of the city, enlightening students with practical methods of teaching.

We understand that a child’s mind is highly sensitive and every small issue would affect the child’s growth. Hence, we give individual attention to every student and help them grow stronger emotionally. Child’s health is a major concern for every parent and thus we take the responsibility of keeping your child physically fit and healthy. A child’s overall growth is essential, in today’s competitive world, it is not enough if the child excels only in studies. It is important to ignite the child’s creative bent of mind. Our school’s teachers are well trained to help children realize their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to extracurricular activities.

Hence, We assure you that we are here to equip students with the skills and competencies necessary for success in life. We identify every student’s strengths and weakness and guide them adapt to the society using it.

Our faculty is well trained to groom kids of all intelligence quotients into disciplined children and dedicated students. We believe in teaching practical applications of every subject instead of compelling them to learn their textbooks. We promise every parent, that we ensure a healthy learning environment.

Our school takes the joy of growing with children. We believe in tuning the young minds to adapt them to the society in which they are bought up. We take the privilege to inculcate the values of our country and at the same time teach them to adjust to the world. We want your kids to be uprooted in our country and grow to reach the world.

Chisitya International School has taken prime importance to security of the children. All security standards have been followed. We have security personnel at every gate of the school to ensure that students do not go out of the school premises at odd hours. The play ground is set up with utmost care and sport teachers are trained in first aid delivery during emergencies. The swimming pool and all other sport centers have been built with precautions. The science labs are equipped with fire extinguishers. There are web cameras installed at the entrance, backend gates and at every floor. You can be assured that your children are in safe hands when they are at school!


Vision Statement To grow as an institution that educates children to grow as responsible citizens engraved with moral values, who would value the heritage and culture of our country, exhibit concern for the environment, and appreciate of democratic values of every individual.

Mission Statement Our mission is to excel the art of imparting education to children, the building stones of tomorrow’s society. Hence, taking the privilege of making the country better.


Chistiya International School is the dream child of Mrs. Nalini Satish. She is a woman of hard work and has passionately established an educational institution with a vision of building tomorrow’s society by inculcating values in today’s children. She has taken the responsibility as the chairperson of Chistiya International School and she surely holds the caliber to carve the success of a child in the direction of child’s interest. She always had a dream to open her own educational institution for the welfare of the society. Mrs. Nalini Satish has reached her goal with immense determination by incorporating her dreams into action. She has always believed that a person should always learn from their successes and failures.

Success should motivate them to redo the same again and failures should teach to learn from their mistakes. The journey of building a school has not been an easy task. It has taken in loads of dedication, devotion and determination. She is looking forward to provide the best to her dream which includes well qualified teachers, safe healthy and supportive learning environments, good infrastructure and training in vivid extracurricular activities which would enable the students to learn, grow and reach heights.

School Facilities


  • Multi Amenity Classrooms
  • Peaceful and creative atmosphere
  • Computer with internet connectivity
  • Quality tables and chairs
  • Well Equipped Spacious Classrooms


  • Spacious and well equipped laboratories
  • Well equipped Biology Lab
  • Well equipped Physics Lab
  • Well equipped Chemistry Lab
  • Computer Lab with Wifi
  • General Science Lab


  • Outdoor and indoor games
  • Tennis Court
  • Football Ground
  • Basket Ball Court
  • Trained Sports Teachers
  • First Aid facility
  • Dance and aerobics studio
  • Music studio


  • Well Equipped Spacious Library
  • Wifi enabled campus
  • Transport Facilities
  • High security under CCTV survilence
  • Students' Council
  • Well Trained Teachers